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  • Tom DeWeese

    Tom DeWeese is one of the nation’s leading advocates of individual liberty, free enterprise, private property rights, personal privacy, back-to-basics education and American sovereignty and independence. For 40 years Tom DeWeese has been a businessman, grassroots activist, writer and publisher. As such, he has always advocated a firm belief in man’s need to keep moving forward while protecting our Constitutionally-guaranteed rights. A native of Ohio, he’s been a candidate for the Ohio Legislature, served as editor of two newspapers, and has owned several businesses since the age of 23. In 1989 Tom led the only privately-funded election-observation team to the Panamanian elections. In 2006 Tom was invited to Cambridge University to debate the issue of the United Nations before the Cambridge Union, a 200 year old debating society. Today he serves as Founder and President of the American Policy Center and editor of The DeWeese Report.

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  • Michael Shaw

    an attorney and accountant, is a founding member of Freedom Advocates and liberty gardens. Freedom Advocates tries to help local, grass-roots groups defend their unalienable rights, including private property rights, from federal and local programs associated with U.N. Agenda21 , Sustainable Development , and Smart Growth.  Shaw has been dealing with these issues since the mid-1990’s, when he was active with the Santa Cruz County Planning Board.  Santa Cruz County was one of the first counties in America to be targeted to implement Agenda 21 policies.  Shaw’s recent articles include: “Sustainable Trouble: The Attempt to Transform the Vision of America” 

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  • Henry Lamb of

     Henry Lamb is the founder of the Environmental Conservation Organization,founded in 1988, Sovereignty International, Inc., in 1996,  and Freedom21, Inc., in 1999.  He also serves on various boards and committees of other organizations that promote environmental stewardship, private property rights, and Constitutional values. Sovereignty Website »

  • Michael Coffman

    Michael S. Coffman Ph.D., is the President of Environmental Perspectives, Inc. (EPI),author of Saviors of the Earth, and a nationally recognized expert in the fields of climate change, forestry and ecosystem management. He is an authority on international environmental issues, and a frequent speaker at national and international conferences and for the media. (Please note that the address for Environmental Perspectives, Inc. (EPI) has been changed to . Michael Coffman Website »

  • Michael Chapman

    Michael J. Chapman, founder of American Heritage Research, is an author, speaker, education researcher and full-time technical writer. Michael owns an extensive collection of rare books, which he uses to expose worldview bias and the censorship of America's true Christian heritage within mainstream public school curriculum.

    Michael has conducted extensive research for local and nationally elected representatives, provided expert testimony, and wrote the American Heritage Act, which overwhelmingly passed in the Minnesota House (see the text at his website). His research has been sited by such authors as John Stormer, Mel and Norma Gabler, Dr. David Noebel, Col. E. Ray Moore, and Professor Allen Quist.

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  • Beverly Eakman is Education's Whistle Blower

     Beverly Eakman has a VERY diverse professional background: public affairs/communications specialist (space program, Voice of America & U.S. Justice Dept.), technical writer/editor (NASA contractor), educator (9 years classroom experience), speechwriter (for heads of 3 govt. agencies), public speaker (seminars, lectures and keynote addresses), political columnist and author (6 books, inc. 2 best-sellers and international awards). She has become an expert in issues related to illicit data-trafficking, predictive computerized profiling, privacy and mental health. Her interests lie in public affairs/policy and communications. Continually updated MS Word document linking columns, feature articles & speeches now available.

    Books include Walking Targets: How Our Psychologized Classrooms Are Producing a Nation of Sitting Ducks (2007), and the international award-winning classic, Cloning of the American Mind: Eradicating Morality Through Education (1998). Her initial best-seller, Educating for the New World Order (1991) exposed federal and state complicity in accumulating psychological information on children under the cover of academic testing and placing it in cross-matchable databanks—an activity finally acknowledged as “data-mining” after Sept. 11, 2001. In Microchipped (1993), she expanded upon a theme some dismissed as “alarmist” at the time: predictive psychology and tracking, identity theft and biometric national IDs.

    Based in the Washington, D.C. Metro area, Mrs. Eakman is a veteran of 700+ radio and TV talk shows. She served as Executive Director of the National Education Consortium, a think-tank specializing in education law. She has testified on education panels and lawsuits, one of which resulted in a surprise win for the plaintive in Florida and was written up in Chronicles Magazine under the title “Uncle Sam’s Classroom.” Mrs. Eakman’s workshops in “Countering Group Manipulation Tactics” resulted in demands for a manual of the same title.


    Areas of expertise: the psychologizing of education; threats to individual privacy (inc. political profiling; data-mining, tracking and trafficking; chip implant-IDs; predictive behavioral technology; and long-term monitoring).

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